4 actionable tips on How to Get More Instagram Likes

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3 min readMay 11, 2022

Instagram has over 1 billion active users per month which post billions of photos and videos every day on Instagram. But perhaps only some people follow you in the sea of million users. Instagram likes are profoundly one of the prevalent reasons why we’re so infatuated with Instagram, to get admiration for our photos and videos and maybe become Instagram popular along the way. But how can you get the maximum likes on every post? Look no further, try the following tips to get more Instagram likes which is offered by ExpressFollowers.com. Let’s dig into it!

How to Get Maximum Instagram Likes

Ask a question

If you want to get tons of likes and post reach on your post then try to ask the question in your caption. A caption related to your post photo has the likelihood of more engagement and more viewers on your post. People like and comment on this post as well. Make it a habitual thing that will help you to gain more follower count and more likes.

Capitalise on trending topics

Today there are some top trends that are sweeping the web. These trends can be a meme, GIF, Facebook video, Some Challenge or new item, each of them gives a chance for your business to clout it- meaning more Instagram likes. Try to follow the top trend over the internet and post content related to these trends. Moreover, create your own content for your brand that is related to your niche, funny, creative and top-of-mind.

Use Instagram Stories

However Instagram stories last only 24 hours but according to an Instagram account survey, people see stories more than scroll down feeds. Instagram stories are good competitors of Snapchat stories these days. Although, it is not a polished section of Instagram network-means you can post any type of content (maybe goofier & imperfect) over there. Use the proper hashtag and highlight your story in your profile. Pinpoint the new products, upcoming projects, new promotions and other things of your brand or business in the story.

Instagram Live

Instagram introduced its new feature recently Instagram Live like its parent company Facebook that let you live stream in the magnificent vertical video. You can use this feature in a very engaging way such as hosting a Q&A session where your followers can ask anything that they want to ask about your brand or product. Aware the people about your Q&A session with a post some days ago. Additionally, you can also bolster your live viewers by announcing the giveaway, prize or discount during the live stream.


These are some of the best ways to get more likes on Instagram. Try them all out which you like the most related to your product. Also, these are not time-consuming, just you need some planning. You can also run a contest for getting likes such as ‘like to win’ or ‘like 4 giveaways’. However, this trick will take some extra time but it will work to pad out your Instagram likes. Leave your thoughts below.



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